Heartwood Hotel
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Dining at the Heartwood Hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Choose to order room service or enjoy your meal in our luxurious Dining Room, where we have nightly entertainment, including the Blue Bow Warblers, and Cybele the swallow songstress.

Our cook caters to many different diets (such as leaf nectar soup, if you are a six-legged), but favorites include the acorn soufflé and seedcakes.

Here is our current Seasonal Fall Menu:


AppetizersMarinated mushroom soup served with buttery seedcakes.EntréesChoice between acorn soufflé served with beechnut biscuits or cheese crumble (blueberry or plain). DessertsChoice between candied bark with maple-dipped moss or acorn macaroons.BeveragesA variety of teas, juices, and nectars. 
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Heartwood Hotel | Text © Kallie George | Illustrations © Stephanie Graegin