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Here at the Heartwood,
we welcome all, big or small. From the twig suites to our root floor rooms, check out each to see which is best for you.
(All prices are in Fernwood farthings and available upon request.)

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You can explore all of our rooms by viewing the printable map of the Heartwood.

Map of the Heartwood Hotel


Penthouse Suite

Located on the top floor, the penthouse suite features its own dining room and living room with a twig couch, bookshelf, and fireplace. Private postal service is available on branch balcony as well!


Honeymoon Suite

Located on the top floor, the honeymoon suite features a cattail fluff bed, pinecone-chandelier lighting, and extra-big hollowed out burl tub.


Twig Floor Rooms

These rooms are for birds, and include roosting pegs and nest-beds. There are special rooms for opossums with hanging-branch balconies.


Branch Floor Rooms

These cozy rooms are for squirrels and chipmunks. However, there is no swinging or jumping from the branch floor balconies allowed.


Trunk Floor Rooms

These rooms are for skunks and hedgehogs. We do ask all skunk guests to please do not spray in the hotel.


Root Floor Rooms

These rooms are for rabbits, moles, voles, shrews, and ground squirrels. Different bedding available upon request, including dried grass or oak shavings for rabbits and crumbled leaves and twigs for squirrels.

  Hibernating guests.

Hibernation Suites

These suites are available for all hibernating guests, from badgers to ladybugs. Spring wake-up service is available upon request.

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