Heartwood Hotel
  Fun and Activities  


Luggage Make your own miniature suitcase!

Thinking of travelling to the Heartwood Hotel? Now, you can make your own suitcase! Download the template below.

Make your own suitcase


Send a postcard

Are you staying at the Heartwood? Then use the postcard template below to send your own message to family and friends.



Design your own room at the Heartwood

Use the template below to design your own room!

Design your own room


Design your own menu
for the Heartwood

Use the template below to create your own menu that could be featured at the heartwood hotel.



Apply for a job at the Heartwood

Do you think you're cut out to work at the hotel? Use the form below to submit your application.



Sign the Heartwood Hotel guestbook

Did you enjoy your stay at the hotel? Then sign the guestbook!


Make a Spring Splash crown

Participate in the festivities by making your own crown for the annual Heartwood Hotel event.

Make your own Spring Splash crown

  Spring Splash announcement.

Make a Spring Splash ribbon

Participate in the festivities by making your own crown for the annual Heartwood Hotel event.

Make a Spring Splash ribbon


Make a Spring Splash fortune teller

Predict what will happen with this fun origami fortune teller.

Make your own Fortune Teller for Spring Splash.


Make a miniature book

Add your own book to the library in the Heartwood Hotel

Miniature book

  Mona reading.

Print out your own bookmarks

You can have your own bookmarks to marks your place in the Heartwood Hotel books

Heartwood Hotel bookmarks

  Mona in bed.

Design your own furniture

Imagine what it would be like to furnish the Inn Between.

Design your own furniture for the Inn Between

  Mouse chair.

Design your own mouse house

What if a mouse lived in a boot?


  Mona in bed.

Design rooms at the Inn Between

Use the template to design rooms for both humans and the critters who live at the Inn Between.

Inn Between Rooms


Create your own tiny portrait

Draw a family portrait, pretending you are the drawing centipede that draws the portrait for the Heartwood staff.

Tiny Portraits

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