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Every season at the Heartwood Hotel offers its own special surprises and celebrations.

Make sure you book in advance.


The Acorn Festival

Celebrate autumn’s arrival. Features the Blue Bow Warblers and a feast of acorns (acorn soufflé specialty)!

  acorn lamp

First Snow Festival

Welcome the winter by lighting the lanterns on the Heartwood tree to celebrate the first snow, and light a fire in the big hearth. Enjoy hearty soups and ginger cakes.


St. Slumber's Supper

Get ready for hibernation! Munch on a magnificent feast, receive gifts to sleep soundly, and head down to the Heartwood’s special hibernation suites.


St. Bright Eyes' Brunch

Wake up to a big brunch of crab apple puffs and cheese crumble. Crack open a seed to find your fortune for spring.


The Heartwood Hop

Say hello to spring. Bounce among the blossoms to the Hippity Hoppers and enjoy petal pastries and sap strudels.


The Fernwood Family Picnic

Celebrate summer and the staff of the Heartwood with a outdoor picnic. Enjoy acorn strawberry shortcake and more.

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